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Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!)


General Parish Questions

  • How do I go about joining the parish?
    In order to join the parish, you must fill out a parish registration form. Once completed, you can return the completed form to the parish office either by mail, or drop it in the offertory basket any weekend in an envelope marked "Parish Registration". In addition, if you have children that have received sacraments at a former church, we ask you to get a copy of their sacramental records for entry into our computer system for future use.

    As a registered member of the parish, we expect you to attend Mass on a regular basis, and share your time, talents and treasures that the Lord has blessed you with, according to your abilities.
  • What if I can not make regularly scheduled Confession times?
    If you can not make regular confession time (weekly 1 hour prior to start of the Vigil Mass), please call the parish office and you can schedule an appointment at mutual convenience for Father to hear your confession (203-484-0403 x304).
  • Can I belong to more than 1 parish at the same time?
    While it is impossible to know if you are registered at more than one parish, it is preferable to belong only to one parish at a time. The parish you belong to expects your regular participation (time, talent, and treasure) for the support and growth of the parish.

    If you belong to more than one parish, it is impossible to provide your obligations to each one.

    Things like sponsor certificates are provided based on you being an active participating member of your parish.
  • I like to sing, but am not a "good" singer. What is required to be a choir member?
    While the ability to read music is an asset, it is not mandatory to be a choir member. The only "requirement" is that you like to sing, and are willing to come to rehearsals (Monday evenings from 7 to 8) in the choir loft.

    Come and give it a try!