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Religious Education Handbook
Rev. Robert Rousseau, Pastor
Bernadette Lysaght,
Dir. of Religious Education


This handbook contains some very important guidelines of our program. The programs we provide follow the guidelines established by the Archdiocese of Hartford.

Please take the time to read through them so that you will understand what we can expect from our children and what you can expect from your parish.

Our Faith should come before any other activities in our lives; therefore everyone is expected to attend Mass every weekend. We all have the opportunity to attend either Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

God is Number One in our lives.
Nothing exists without Him

· Each student is expected to attend weekly one (1) hour classes for grades 1 – 8 from September through May. 9th and 10th grade students are expected to attend 1½ hour classes once a month from September to May.
· Please contact your student’s Catechist (teacher) if they will be unable to attend class.
· For your child’s safety, if your son/daughter is in grades 1 – 3, they must be walked to their classroom and when they are ready to be picked up they are to be escorted out of the building by the parent or designated adult. Children will not be allowed to leave by themselves.
· If North Branford public school is cancelled or has an early dismissal due to bad weather there will be no religion class.

Sign of the Cross (Blessing yourself) Lord’s Prayer Hail Mary Glory Be Epiphany Pageant

Theme: Jesus as the forgiver
Act of Contrition – going to confession Receiving First Communion Understanding that the Bread and Wine becomes the Body and Blood of Jesus Four forms of Prayer 2 workshops for both students and parents
1st Penance in December
First Communion in May
Epiphany Pageant

10 Commandments Hierarchy of the Church Name Pope, Archbishop Name our Pastor Name the Deacons Apostles Creed Where are we placed in the Hierarchy 4 Marks of the Church Stations of the Cross Epiphany Pageant

10 Commandments Who is Jesus in life Come to Him Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy Beatitudes Epiphany Pageant

Sacraments Know them and what they mean Gifts of the Holy Spirit How to use the Bible Epiphany Pageant

Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) Adam & Eve Abraham Moses – 10 Commandments Prophets Old and New Testament Jesus proves the New Testament How to use the Bible Decorating the Chapel to become the Garden of Gethsemane

Jesus as Lord and Savior Who is Jesus What kind of life did he lead What kind of food did he eat What kind of terrain did he walk Man and God Living Stations of the Cross

Church History History of God’s people Review of what was learned Entrance Exam for Confirmation Program Living Stations of the Cross

Upon completion and passing of our doctrinal test with 70% or higher, each student can register for the Confirmation Program. This program starts in the fall of 9th grade. Students are confirmed in the fall of the 11th grade. Each student is required to choose a Saint that he/she can relate to and then take that saint’s name as his or her confirmation name. A two (2) page report on that Saint is required. Each student is to choose a sponsor in the 9th grade. That sponsor needs to be a practicing Catholic, be confirmed in the faith and be able to carry out the responsibilities of helping the young person understand what it means to have a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. The sponsor is asked to guide this young person to understand the moral teachings of the church and what it means to be a full member of the Church.
GRADES 9 & 10
September – May
Meet on Monthly basis for 1 ½ hours Preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation Service Hours – 20 hours per year Steubenville - Retreat
Reception of Confirmation (in the Fall) Confirmation Retreat Steubenville - Retreat

Students will show respect and courtesy at all times, for teachers, other adults and for one another. Students will show respect for church property and the property of others. The use of profane or obscene language or gestures will not be tolerated Students will not perform any action that will endanger their own safety or the safety of others. Students will not chew gum or eat food during class. Students are expected to come to class prepared at all times. Students are expected to dress morally.

A tone of discipline will be set by the individual Catechist for their class room. If misbehavior warrants, the Director of Religious Education will be called in to handle the situation. We hope that you will find this handbook helpful. We tried to provide all the necessary information you might need regarding our Religious Education Program. If you should have any further questions, please do not hesitate to direct them to our Pastor, Father Rousseau, the Director of Religious Education, Bernadette Lysaght or members of the Religious Education Committee.

God bless you and your family!
We are looking forward to a wonderful faith-Filled year!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Bernadette in the parish office.

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